Rashmi Group Of Companies Fighting Against All Odds

Becoming a honcho in the industry where neck and neck competition is day-to-day business has not been an easy journey for Rashmi Group, a renowned name for manufacturing cement and steel. It is truly praiseworthy the way the Group has been advancing with all its projects. With that success has also been the constant companion in all its ventures. But rivals in the competitive business market have left path rockier for Rashmi Group. Though tacked many challenges in the past, now Rashmi Group has been embroiled in an unnecessary controversy fabricated by its rivals to tarnish its reputation.

Constant growth in achieving its goals:

Formed in 1966, Rashmi Group has quite a few power plants to its credit. With 40 years of experience in the development of steel, minerals and cement, the Group presently has sponge iron plant in Jhargram and Kharagpur. The Group is also heading forward to set a one more steel plant in Jamuria. GreatTreasures – over here – The Group has successfully been exporting products to South East Countries and also China. Form all the business ventures its annual turnover is estimated to be Rs 1700 Crore. But unlike other business groups, Rashmi Group is also aware about its social responsibilities. Doing something concrete for the downtrodden people and backward classes comes under the parameter of the company. The Group has undertaken a huge responsibility to improve the life of underprivileged villagers of Kharagpur and Jhargram. Despite of the fact that these areas are dangerously infested with Maoist rebels, Rashmi Group has wholeheartedly accepted the challenge.

But now due to some malevolent intent of business rivals, Rashmi Group has been engaged into controversies related to tax evasion. A proceeding has been lodged by the anti-corruption branch of CBI. But the truth is that the culprit in the whole case is railways and central excise officials. Rashmi Group has all the facts and evidence to prove that all these allegations are false. It has already filed another write application in the Kolkata High court. Kolkata High court then passed an interim order ordering the CBI not to file the final report without seeking court’s permission.

Unfazed by the odds:

Over the years Rashmi Group has seen many unwanted situations and come out victor. This time too it is confident that with the support of court, it will keep its unblemished reputation intact. If situation arrives Rashmi Group may fight its case in the Division Bench and Apex Court. But Rashmi Group is well prepared for all sorts of challenges.

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