Poem Two Our Peace

Conflicts within humanity and solidarity of personal peace.

with God’s choice, you’re matched with a life

a simple lottery number, you are born into the very rich

the very poor

the simple middle. you ask questions but the answers are


a tiny prayer offered before a scarce meal

gluttony at it’s finest & greed sky high

our world becomes demoralized by the second

we hope

i pray

she withers away

he needs a casket

but who can afford one?

one human race

divided into many useless groups

who do you follow?

your mosque, your solitude

your mosque, my fear

we are simply animals

no better than mere animals

why bark when we can think?

an explosive made, you’re a martyr

a gun shining in the rays of the sun

what will you prove to your god today?

minutes, hours, days gone with the wind

our sins pile up like trash in a landfill

a rancid stink intrudes our senses

but this is what it means to be… – http://www.komchadluek.com/


4 comments on Poem Two: our peace

This was very good and very sad. Thanks Ahsan. It’s amazing how much of our lives depend on our lottery number

Thanks LaurenK, I really tried not to make the poem too pessimistic or “depressing”, but life is more than just lollypops and gumdrops huh?

Ahsan you have summed up the life as we are living now…You have neither questioned…nor answered…you just stated…statement of millions of sane and rationale heart who aspire peace…you are not an architect of this depressing world…You are a facilitator with optimistic sense to create peace

Thanks for the kind words Uttam! Glad you liked it.

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