My Ceiling Is My Children’s Floor

Tonight my children will dance with joy and abandonment as they celebrate another sibling making a committed choice in their lives.

They will dance in a circle, facing each other, laughing and enjoying each other as well as other people young and old who will get caught up in my kids’ exuberance.

To their father and I, my adult children radiate freedom Indies and joy. Thank God that our ceiling is our children’s floor. I could weep with relief because they are not starting their lives back at the same point as we did.

Each time my husband and I bear witness to another child taking a committed plunge into their adult lives we are surprised by their strength and maturity. My children posses a degree of inner healing that we could only long for at their age.

People ask Michael and I what our secret is to raise great kids and we must honestly admit that it was letting go of control, while still in the darkness and trusting. All our best efforts , struggles and sufferings simply threw us head long into a stone wall. Giving up and trusting in our kids was the best thing that we ever did.

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