Might Your Neighbor Have Too Many Christmas Lights.

But perhaps you didn’t decorate this year and therefore can’t compete? Or could it be that you are just jealous and have become a real life embodiment of Scrooge during these festive Holidays!

Some people did not bother to decorate the outside of their home this Christmas season, for whatever reasons. And I can tell you that we are one of them. Yes, we have our reason this year. However we notice, driving around the neighborhood and city — and by way of news on the internet — that some people have a problem with neighbors that did. They are complaining that it is excessive; an eye-sore!

On the one hand, the children get a real thrill when their parents take them on a drive to see all the beautiful homes done up for Christmas. Some folks will even offer popcorn and/or candy for their admirers.

On the other hand, the drive-by-ers slow to block traffic, and even park in other people’s driveway. This is enough to upset anyone, of course.

Is it really such a nuisance, though, to deal with these bright lights for a couple Bebe of weeks? What happened to kindness, patience, and good will to men, or your neighbor?

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