Life Is beautiful

Why is that we don’t tend to agree on the issues of life, which are so important and crucial for the ones happiness. At times differences makes two persons drift and they close all the doors for any sane views to mend the relations. Uncompromisingly they refuse to yield any ground for any rapprochement. They simmer…they crib…they insult each other…and they drift to point of no return. They certainly don’t realize about the loss of precious time and relation. They remain timid and in the bargain life becomes hell.

No words can compensate the real time losses with real time gains, but the kind words can. I always believe, that life is not a simple issue; it has its own complexities and certainly, one needs clear perception, to create niche with such complexities. I also know, that unmindful of the consequences, the warring friends/partners/lovers in their denial mode, remains adamant and they refuse to be sane. They shout, they yell, they abuse, and they accuse: thinking, that it will get them, their crowning glory. Alas! They fail miserably and their existence gets obliterated.

윈드러너 타는 펫 교배 시스템/A 등급 룬스톤 리뷰 - 블로그Let me, disembark from the elevated domain of the pernicious thoughts, before it sedates me more, to overexert and loose the relevance of my arguments. I don’t wish to keep my point of contention at the peripheral reception of any individual. There are individuals who are working so hard, to preserve the rational entity of consequential relations. They rise above from the ashes of their past. They out rightly reject the whimsical views. They do cry, they feel pain, but they always perpetually wishes to salvage happiness from the bitter life and they just don’t give up. Many a time, I ask, that why such good people gets raw deal in their lives and as I probe, I grapple with endless reasons, but at the end of my probing, I only see love and hope oozing out from them. They are marginalized with sarcastic overtures over their truth and that’s very disturbing. No one has the right to toss somebody as a commodity. With barrages of accusation, salvos of insult and volleys of heart wrenching questions, they are subjected to invasive and silent brutality.

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