Here’s One Marriage He Can’t Fix

The blogosphere is buzzing that Dr. Phil McGraw is splitting up with his wife Robin. It’s been a hot topic for several weeks now and it seems like another one of those stories that people are starting to believe.

Is it true? Well, at first I did not think so, but as they say – where there’s smoke there’s fire. And this story is smokin’! I think it would be comical, ironic and fitting for the man who saves marriages to watch his own relationship disintegrate. I always thought the couple looked plastic together on TV—you know, forced smiles with gritted teeth.

I would not be surprised if Dr, Phil got caught getting a little something-something on the side. Sure, he’s no looker. But, women love power, and whether you like him or not, Dr. Phil has a very powerful and confident demeanor. Chicks dig that.

Regardless, the news (if true and I am not saying it is) will not help the Doctor. In the San Francisco Bay Area, they recently moved his show from prime time to a late afternoon slot. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Here is the latest news on the alleged break-up, courtesy of

“Tv shrink Dr. Phil makes a living dishing out advice to others – but now, he may be in need of some himself to save his own marriage – as insiders reveal he’s flying into jealous rages over his wife Robin. GLOBE’s sources bare the shocking details of Dr. Phil’s marriage crisis.”’s Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Divorce Rumors report fueled the speculation:

“Could the self help guru need a little romantic assistance of his own? Following recent whispers that Dr. Phil and Robin’s marriage could be in trouble, Access Hollywood did a little investigating into the matter.

When they checked in with Oprah Winfrey’s BFF for a response to the gossip, they were given the standard “no comment” and sent on their way. Interestingly enough, this week’s episodes revolve mostly around marital issues. Maybe Dr. Phil should start taking his own advice for once.

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