Girls To gain Goats In Rural Maharashtra

Our government is doing a lot for the farmers, no seriously, I’m not kidding, they really are making an effort.

You don’t believe me right, well for starters they have declared 1 lakh rupees incentives…woopsie, i meant compensation… for the farmers that commit suicide. The incentives… damn! i mean compensation… would be handed over to the family of the deceased. No wonder farmers can’t sleep at night, before their headache was to pay off the debt and thanks to Govt, their new add-on is whether their family would kill them in their sleep to collect the bounty. Kudos for our Govt, especially Vilasrao Desmukh. Desmukh in his latest address claimed that the farmer suicides have reduced drastically, which nothing more than political blabbering.

Thats not all, in another declaration the govt has announced an incentive of 10,000 rupees for the father of the groom. To be able to qualify for the incentive the ‘father’ (farmer) has to marry his son to a girl, what happens after that is not the concern of our government. ‘Oh now that is what was causing the suicides, now i understand that the farmers were killing them selfs not because of the kind of debt they were in but because they could not marry of their sons. No wonder the suicides have decreased, right Desmukh?’

I’m not a fan of BJP, but i have to say that what Gopinath Munde is doing for the farmers is really worthy of praise. Now i know, its probably because he wants fame and loads of votes but still atleast the farmers would benefit from this entire facade. Recently Munde along with other farmers’ right activist and BJP members had lead a protest rally in Aurangabad. BJP had planned to burn sugarcane in front of the review meeting chaired by the agriculture minister, Balasaheb Thorat. Munde is demanding 40,000 rupees as compensation against every hector of un-crushed sugarcane however the government has announced a compensation of 25,000 rupees per hector.

Another funny announcement, straight from the stable of the Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Commissioner…Girls between the age of 8-18 would soon get their very own ‘goat’ to take care of. Apparently this is being done for the well being of the girls (neglected child of India). Ask how the plan works, well they say that the goat is been given to improve the financial conditions of the family as well as to encourage the rural people to treat the girl child right. They say that on conditions that the girl would be well taken care of, after a certain time frame they would examine the health of the girl and if the health is improved then the family would get another goat as an incentive. However this announcement is yet to get a green light from the state govt. Whether this would work or not is something that we need to wait and watch.

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