Fight On Indeed

On Saturday you went out on your home field and lost to a 40+ point underdog. And you dropped only five spots in the polls. On the flip side, Wisconsin went on the road and lost to previously unranked Illinois (5-1). The Badgers dropped ten spots from #5 to #15.

Your most impressive win is against Nebraska who is currently out of the top 25. You know who else can make that claim? Missouri. They haven’t lost yet. They beat Nebraska by thirty-five points and they are still looking up at you.

Your one loss is to mighty Stanford. West Virginia’s one loss is to #6 South Florida. South Carolina’s one loss is to #1 LSU. Yet somehow you are ranked ahead of both of those teams.

Other teams shouldn’t spend their time studying your offensive and defensive schemes. They, like you, should be studying How to Make Friends and Influence People. If the voters stay true to form, you could probably lose two more games in a row before anyone would even drop you from the top 25.

(clap clap clap) Well done. Fight on, Trojans. On second thought, why bother? The pollsters will do it for you.

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