Facebook & Using Other Social Media Channels Could Hurt Love

Oxford’s Internet Institue found that at some point the upkeep of so many separate communication channels may undermine the quality of your relationship.

Perhaps it’s common sense that if you aren’t spending time together your relationship with your spouse or significant other may be jeapordized. Technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn make it possible though to keep up with your partner much more than ever before, so a team out of University of Oxford’s Internet Institute wanted to see whether diverse communications channels, beyond email and texting, strengthened relationship ties in the digital era.

What he found is that too much talking through too many different channels could hurt a relationship. “Over 24,000 people in marital relationships took part in the new research, using 10 media channels,” according to Bernie Hogan of the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute. “We found that those using more media tend to report no greater relationship satisfaction and some even reported decreasing satisfaction.”

Hogan found that more media use in a relationship signals “ties of strength” though there may be a tipping point after which the increasing challenges of keeping up and maintaining so many channels of communications starts to weaken our love ties.

How, if at all, have you noticed that your use of social media has affected your relationship with your significant other?

2 comments on Facebook & Using Other Social Media Channels Could Hurt Love

Not ONE bit Tony has overimbibement in excessive communication affected whatshername’s? relationship and mine! “You can jamb someones fingers between a laptop…sit on the laptop…and press SHIFT but hell hath no fury than a woman with her BACKSPACE locked on CAPITALS!” I speak finger on PAUSE. Backside frozen.

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