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Someone has said, “If you want to enter Caanan, you have to first fight a few giants.” That is so true, but so rarely do we realize the truth of that statement. As Christians, too often, we want to have victory without a battle, we want to attain the heights of Zion, without a climb, we want resurrection power without a crucifixion.

Desktop, Abstract, Nature, Frozen, SpaceNo blessing of God comes without a struggle. And, in our heart of hearts, would we want it any other way? It is also said “things easily gained are lightly held.” Think about your most prized accomplishments. Were they the ones you achieved easily. Or were they accomplishments which came through great struggle? Probably the latter. The larger the giant, the greater the victory when he fell.

So, then what are some of these giants we have to fight to enter the promised land. Well, we have to fight the giant of frustration. We have to fight the giant of doubt. We have to fight the giant of opposition. We have to fight the giant of hopelessness. And often, after fighting all these other giants the largest one of all looms on the horizon and that is the giant of weariness.

But the giants were only one half of the report. Joshua and Caleb had another report. “Sure there are giants,” they said, “But God can deliver the giants into our hands. And then we will find a land flowing with milk and honey where the grape clusters grow so large that it takes two strong men to carry each cluster. The Giants may be big, but our God is much, much bigger.”

Lord, remind me everyday that you are bigger than any giant I am likely to meet. Amen and Amen.

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If we are struggling aren’t we facing the wrong way on the river?

Isn’t god bigger than putting us here to struggle? However I know if you choose to think that way that is what we get.

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